Automotive stillages Photo

A large automotive pressing company approached Ridgeway Steel to design and manufacture a stillage with the capacity to transport from between 28-32 sunroof assemblies from the UK to Eastern Europe. It was vital that the assemblies were kept apart so as to prevent them getting damaged during transport. Furthermore they needed to be sufficiently robust to allow for handling by Fork Lift Truck.
Following a site meeting Ridgeway came up with an innovative design (see photo) which met all the customers requirements. Samples were supplied and trialed prior to going into full production.

Result; a cost effective solution designed and manufactured within a short time frame.
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Tipping Skips, Tipping Bins & Roll Forward Skips


Ridgeway's extensive knowledge and experience enable our design team to provide an on-site evaluation of your needs and then tailor our design and build tipping bins, tipping skips, roll forward skips or other suitable fork lift attachment specifically for those requirements.
Auto Tip Mechanism You can upgrade your tipping skip with an Auto Tip Mechanism. This means the driver will not need to leave his truck whilst discharging the load. A safer way to use your forklift attachment.

Fork Lift Attachments


These fork lift attachments provide the user with the opportunity to extend the functionality of the fork lift truck. Snowplough Forklift attachments, Lifting jibs, forklift hooks and extensions can all be customised to suit your individual requirements.
Fork Mounted Hooks from Ridgeway allow you to easily transform your fork lift truck into a mobile lifting crane with a range of 1 tonne to 4 tonnes. Tested and Certified.